It is a priority for our Practice to provide a safe and caring environment for our staff, patients and all visitors to ONiA.

Our South Australian Dental Association branch offered their members and staff the opportunity to attend a St John Ambulance CPR and Defibrillator course.  One of our senior staff members, Cheryl, attended the course for the second time and again passed with flying colours.

A cardiac emergency can happen to any person without notice and with the knowledge of CPR skills, our CPR-certified staff member can help reduce the loss of life in emergencies.

Performing CPR can assist in preserving an individual’s brain function during cardiac arrest and having Cheryl CPR-certified we can make an immediate difference for a cardiac arrest victim and his or her family.

One of the best things about CPR is that anyone can learn it. Whether you’re a parent, child, student or someone else, CPR training gives individuals the life-saving skills they need to succeed.

Of course we hope that we will never have to utilise the skills that Cheryl has learnt, but to be prepared for an emergency is so very important.

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