Financial Arrangements

We have many payment options to suit your needs.

Many people do not realise that many dental problems arising from crowding and a poor bite can be far more costly to treat in the long run than orthodontic treatment.

To most people, it is important to know right away how much orthodontic treatment will cost.  We are usually able to inform you during your initial visit about the costs involved to cover your treatment.

We offer payment plans to all our patients.  These involve an initial deposit paid when the appliances are placed and a convenient monthly payment plan thereafter.
Discounts apply if you prefer to pay in full upfront and also if we treat more than one family member.  We also offer Denticare extended payment plans without a large initial deposit, however administration fees will apply.

Orthodontics and your Health Fund
We encourage our patients to always check with their private health fund before commencing orthodontic treatment. Your quotation will supply you with the information necessary to find out what your health fund will rebate to you.

Our banding payment plans are structured over 18 months. This payment timeframe is based on the ‘average’ of all active treatments with braces. Shorter payment plans apply to some other forms of treatment.

Some of the health funds will refund their members over 3 calendar years and have their own definitions to determine if the treatment is in progress or completed. Some other health funds rebate members as soon as payments are made.

In the case of treatment plans where the deposit invoice and consecutive monthly invoices are all issued in two calendar years and the fund will rebate only over three years, we can supply a ‘still in treatment’ letter. This letter will state that the patient is still undergoing orthodontic treatment under the same item number, although the payment plan has been completed and all invoices have been issued. Invoices for standard orthodontic treatment plans with fixed braces will be issued as a starting deposit invoice, followed by 17 consecutive monthly invoices. Receipts will be issued as payments are made.
Questions to ask:

• Am I entitled to claim for orthodontics?
• What is my ‘life time’ entitlement for orthodontics?
• How and when will my rebate be paid?
• If yearly, calendar or financial year?
• Will my rebate be paid back to me as I pay the orthodontist or will I have to wait?
• What happens if I pay everything at the beginning of treatment?
• What happens in the third year if I have finished paying in the second year?
• Can I swipe my health fund card through the HICAPS terminal (Adelaide office only) on the day I pay my account?

We are unable to liaise with health funds on your behalf due to privacy issues. You are the fund member and it is your responsibility to deal with your fund.

We sincerely wish that our patients receive their full orthodontic entitlement from the health fund involved and we strive to assist you where ever possible to achieve this goal. We strongly recommend that you are fully informed of your benefits by your health fund prior to entering into our financial contract.


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